1. Keep Up with Recommended Maintenance
Read the owner’s manual, if it suggests replacing the timing belt every 35,000 miles, and it has gone 50,000 without replacement, you may want to consider a replacement before it becomes an issue. Keeping up with recommended maintenance is the best way to avoid potentially larger repair bills in the future.

2. Check Tire Pressure Regularly
Ensuring proper tire pressure is one of the simplest things you can do to increase the life of your tires. Too much or too little air can cause premature wear on the tires and adversely affect gas mileage. If assistance is needed, most tire shops will check for free.

3. Use Cruise Control Whenever Possible
Cruising at a set speed on highways avoids gas-guzzling acceleration and braking. Become familiar with the cruise control function and use it whenever it’s convenient and safe to do so.

4. Combine Your Errands
A little planning can go a long way, and save you gas. Combine errands into one trip to reduce your total miles driven.

5. Carpool with Friends
Coordinate with friends and ride together if you are headed to the same destination. Carpooling will save time, gas, and possibly parking fees.

6. Take it Easy
Accelerate gently. Drive the speed limit. Driving more sensibly uses less gas and braking power. The longer your brakes last, the more money you’ll save.

Source: Buzzfeed.com