Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) are designed to Prevent Collisions or reduce severity when they occur. Using sensors throughout the vehicle, including the windshield, ADAS recognizes dangers including, blind spots, lane departures, and objects in the road.

Experience Matters When Replacing Models with ADAS

Advanced Training
The repair of vehicles with ADAS is a complex process requiring advanced training and knowledge of the specific technology and sensors used in each make and model.

As a result of the sensors interaction with the windshield space, replacing windshields in ADAS equipped vehicles will most likely require recalibration of the systems.

Dangers to Drivers
Failure to recalibrate the windshields could result in inaccurate hazard detection or warning, which could be dangerous to drivers.

Advanced Equipment
Knowing when and how to recalibrate properly and safely takes experience, knowledge, and advanced equipment.

Today, most independent auto glass repairers are not experienced, equipped, or have the resources to complete this critical component of a windshield replacement.

ABRA Auto Body & Glass: Experienced in ADAS

Advanced Training
ABRA Auto Body & Glass has the experience and established partnerships that ensures a complete, correct, and safe windshield replacement each and every time.

ABRA’s Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) certified auto glass technicians receive extensive training and certification to ensure all vehicles are repaired to Original Equipment Manufacturers standards.

After glass installation, ABRA has an established network of partnerships with local and national dealerships and qualified vendors to properly complete the recalibration of the vehicle, before returning it to the customer.

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