With the dawn of self-driving vehicles upon us, there’s been much discussion in the automotive industry concerning the future of the auto body technician career. While one can argue the career is certainly changing, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon; in fact, the future appears bright for students interested in getting started in the trade.

For those starting out, the skills necessary are surely different than those of decades past. Vehicle advancements now make this a highly technical career with skills in mathematics, mechanics, and technology a must. Students of the trade should soak up all of the industry certifications and formal training they can as these will be key to mastering today’s complex vehicle repair. Employers may offer ongoing education opportunities, but the more skills an apprentice can learn, the more attractive the candidate becomes.

Here’s what an apprentice technician can expect from the industry:

Ample opportunities for placement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a nine percent growth rate in the career from 2014 to 2024. This means plenty of job openings for job seekers with certifications and formal training.

Stable income. The average auto body technician today earns $53,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of the top earners in large multi-ship operators, such as ABRA Auto Body & Glass, earn over $70,000 a year.

Abundant earning potential. With fluctuating demand, auto body technicians can expect to receive frequent opportunities for overtime, including evenings and weekends.

Career advancement opportunities. As the industry faces an aging workforce, the opportunity to grow within the trade seems limitless. Companies like ABRA Auto Body & Glass offer individuals the ability to write their own career path, finding placements for those eligible and aspiring to enter customer service or management areas.

ABRA Auto Body & Glass continuously accepts applications from those interested in a career in the industry. To learn more visit abraauto.com/careers.