October – the turning point of seasons, a flurry of candy and costumes, and the month when everything goes pink. We see it on athletes, in retail, product boxes, and dealer lots…it seems each year our surroundings are painted more and more pink. But what does it mean?

Dating back to the early 90’s, the color pink has been used to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The key word being “awareness.” While many organizations welcome donations, fundraisers, and other monetary giving during the month; the goal is to create awareness for early detection among women.

Early detection is important as treatment can be most successful when started in the early stages. As the month of pink winds down, here are ways you can help promote awareness all year round:

  • Talk to your friends and family about the importance of an ongoing screening and detection plan.
  • Start or join a fundraising effort such as a walk or run.
  • Volunteer for an organization supporting women with breast cancer.
  • Share educational content on your social channels.