We love auto body repair, but we also love animals and want to make their lives bright. We can’t always adopt a pet, and it can be tough to find time to volunteer. However, you can still brighten a little kitten or pups day by donating some of their most needed items. Don’t know what to donate? No worries, we have a list!

  1. Pet Food & Treats
    Think about how many animals need to be fed. It goes a long way to provide the extra support of food and treats to a shelter this time of year.
  2. Towels & Blankets
    Shelters can often be cold in the winter months, give animals extra comfort with blankets and towels. Towels can also be put to good use drying off wet animals after a bath, or when they come in wet. Keep in mind they don’t have to be brand new.
  3. Old Newspaper
    Help animals at no cost just by recycling your old newspaper. Newspaper is in high demand at animal shelters, it is used to line the bottom of cages.
  4. Kitty Litter & Cat Boxes
    Shelters are constantly changing litter and are always in need of another cat box, supplies run out fast.
  5. Rubber Gloves
    Messes happen at shelters, gloves are necessary to stop the spread of germs.
  6. Food Bowls
    Shelter staff are constantly taking in new animals and are in need of food bowls to make sure every animal is fed.
  7. Cleaning Supplies
    You may know what it’s like cleaning up after one pet, imagine dozens of pets at a time. Keeping a shelter clean is a large task that requires many supplies. Some items needed include bleach, window cleaner, dishwashing liquid, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, laundry detergent, and trash bags.
  8. Crates and Carriers
    Animals need to be transported and the cost of carriers can add up quickly. Donate a gently used carrier or buy one for a discounted price.
  9. Flea and Tick Treatment
    Animals are constantly in and out of the shelter and often bring little friends with them that spread fast. Donate flea and tick treatment to keep the spread of bugs under control.
  10. Toys
    Last but not least, toys! Animals love toys too. Toys keep animals from being bored and lonely, and it helps them exercise. You can buy new toys or donate old pet or children’s toys.

ABRA Auto Body & Glass is proud to support non-profit agencies that care for pets and encourage you to make a difference in an animal’s life.