– Every 39 minutes, a wildlife to vehicle collision occurs
– 1 out of 17 car collisions involve wildlife
– 89% of wildlife collisions occur on two lane roads
– $2,800: average cost to repair a car-deer collision
– 200 deaths in US each year from wildlife collisions

As the data shows, vehicle to wildlife collisions are more common than you might think. Avoiding collisions with wildlife requires vigilance behind the wheel. Use the following precautions:

– Slow down when you see yellow animal-crossing signs. The signs are there for a reason, an abundance of wildlife is in the area.
– Be especially vigilant during dusk, dawn, and overnight when the majority of wildlife collisions tend to occur.
– Reduce your speed to provide sufficient braking time.
– Keep checking the shoulders of the road. Animals may attempt to flee as you approach, by jumping out in front of you. Slow down and use your horn to alert animals on the side of the road.
– Where there’s one, there’s many. Deer, elk, and antelope wander in groups. If you see one, slow down as more are likely to follow.
– In colder states, be cautious after road salt applications. Many wildlife consider salt a condiment, attracting them to a roadway to feed.

Source: dmv.org