Washing the Body
Wash in a cool, shady area to avoid
water-spotting caused by direct sunlight.

Never use dish soap or detergents, they can strip the wax.

Don’t let the car air dry, use a soft and clean towel to dry.

Restoring the Shine
Use a cleaner wax to help the wax bond better to the vehicle.
Work your way from top down in this order: horizontal surfaces,
vertical surfaces, below the beltline.

Cleaning the Tires
Apply wheel cleaner and allow it to soak in for a moment.
Scrub wheels using cleaning brush.
Do not wash tires with the same cloth as the body of the car.

Freshening the Interior
Use a mild cleaning spray and microfiber cloth to remove dust.
Try household spray-on carpet cleaner to remove stains.
Clean inside of windows with window cleaner, apply to cloth to avoid streaking.

Source: Consumerreports.org/Chicago Tribune