Now that spring is here, it’s time to wipe away the grime and make your car look like new!

Clear Out the Trash
Start by clearing out all the garbage in the vehicle. Be sure to look under the seats and in the trunk.

Vacuum the Inside
Start with the seats and work your way down towards the floor when vacuuming. Make sure to vacuum under all the floor mats.

Interior Upholstery Cleaning
Use a bottle of automotive upholstery and carpet cleaner and a heavy duty scrub brush to clean the interior. Not only will your upholstery and carpet look like new, the car will have a fresh smell.

Power Wash the Floor Mats
Floor mats take the most abuse during the winter months, and will take a little more work than the rest of the vehicle to clean. Self-service car washes generally have a power washer that can quickly wash away winter abuse.

Replace Windshield Wipers
Windshield wipers go through a lot of wear and tear in the winter. Replace them with a fresh set in the spring.

Clean Windows
Wash your windows with a good car-window cleaner; the ammonia in household brands will make the fogging worse in damp spring weather. Fog has a harder time clinging to a clean surface; take it a step further by wiping down the interior of the glass with an anti-fogging agent.

Lube Hinges
Lube each door, trunk, and hood hinge with white lithium grease to prevent squeaks and premature wear.

Wash the Car
Similar to the interior; clean the car from the top down, rinsing frequently. When your vehicle is clean, take it to the automatic car wash and get the underbody flushed, this will help dislodge road salt.

And While You’re At It
Don’t forget to inspect the tread depth, test tire pressure, change the oil, add washer fluid, and add a bottle of fuel-system cleaner into the gas tank.