Few industries exist in which the entire purpose is founded upon meeting people on their worst days. Collision repair happens to be one of them. No one is happy to set foot in an auto body shop. No one is happy to see the smiling customer service representative waiting to greet them. Rather, they were on their way to work or school or some combination of both when the unexpected occurred. And now their life is interrupted by the pressing need to return their vehicle to pre-accident condition in time for whatever life obligation awaits just around the corner.

It is at this most inopportune moment in time ABRA Auto Body & Glass meets most every one of its customers. With this very fact in mind, the mission of ABRA has always been to deliver “exceptional customer service.” What exactly does this mean? An internet search returns no fewer than 1.25 million results for the term. At ABRA the definition is quite simple; taking care of cars starts with taking care of people.

When you take care of people – exceptional customer service takes care of itself. While ABRA has weaved this concept into its core processes, much of it naturally comes from the heart and the notion of doing the right thing.

Be Genuine

Being genuine starts with remembering how a customer arrived at the door. In the world of auto body repair, every customer is having a bad day, with potential financial losses, injuries, and interruptions to work and life schedules. Listening, asking, and being a shoulder to lean on helps alleviate the stress and emotions of the situation, allowing for sound decisions and a much more pleasant collision repair process.

Keep them Informed

Accidents are surprise enough. Simply keeping a customer informed during the repair process and eliminating any surprises goes a long way. ABRA secures a preferred method of contact at vehicle drop off and uses technology to update customers to changes in work, status of the auto body repair, and sometimes additional necessary approvals. The goal is to reduce uncertainty and questions in an already trying time.

Remember the Little Things

For ABRA, the little things go a long way in the face of stress. When customers schedule a repair, they are often surprised to learn a rental car agent will be available to meet them – easing the hassle and burden of finding a ride between facilities. This small gesture is designed to eliminate additional inconvenience.

Little things also come from the completely unprompted kindness of people who represent the company every day. ABRA teams have been known to go beyond the call of duty, such as the time a team left a gift wrapped newborn outfit in the repaired vehicle of a woman whose worst day came in the form of a fender bender late in her pregnancy.

Bringing a smile to the face of someone on their worst of days may seem impossible, but it’s something ABRA and its people set out to do each day. And it can only be accomplished through taking care of people first; taking care of the car will follow.