For this weekend’s game, don’t forget to pack some essential supplies for your favorite tailgating games. Watch the video below for our top three favorites:

Wait, that’s not all! We have more tailgating fun for you below:



Weird Fact:  Möllky was invented by the Finnish in 1996.

Gear Required: 1 wooden pin & a group of pins called skittles which are numbered from 1-12, carrying case/bag, notepad & pen for scoring



Lawn Jenga

Weird Fact: The name jenga is derived from a Swahili word meaning “build”.

Gear Required: 54 Wooden blocks (approx. 2”x4” boards, 10 ½” long each)



Bocce Ball

Weird Fact: Bocce Ball was shares ancestry with ancient games played in the Roman Empire. The game was introduced to other parts of the world by Italian migrants.

Gear Required: A Bocce ball set