man renting a car after a vehicle accident

Renting a Car after an Accident: Four Questions to Ask

After an accident, driver’s often find themselves in need of a rental car. With this sudden need comes several questions few people ever consider before standing in front of a rental agent. Be prepared and ask yourself the following:   Will my insurance company cover the cost of my rental car? Rental car reimbursement, what […]

Winter Driving Tips from ABRA Auto Body & Glass

Winter driving this time of year generally means snow, sleet, and icy roads between you and your destination. These poor driving conditions result in more than 116,000 injuries each year. When winter weather hits, here are some tips to ensure you arrive safely to your destination. Prepare your Vehicle. Keep up-to-date on routine maintenance, including […]

ABRA supports. make a difference by donating to an animal shelter

Make a Difference: Donate to Animal Shelters

We love auto body repair, but we also love animals and want to make their lives bright. We can’t always adopt a pet, and it can be tough to find time to volunteer. However, you can still brighten a little kitten or pups day by donating some of their most needed items. Don’t know what […]

Winter car kit Infographic

Be Prepared with a Winter Car Safety Kit

Winter weather can often lead to unpredictable and hazardous road conditions. Keeping a winter survival kit in your car can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Here are some things you should include in your winter safety kit: Shovel Windshield scraper with small broom Flashlight with extra batteries Battery powered radio Water Snack food Matches […]

Safety First: Tips for Headache Free Travel this Thanksgiving

If you’re one of the millions of American’s headed out on the road this Thanksgiving, you’re in good company. With the high volume of cars on the road, the potential for accidents may increase. ABRA Auto Body & Glass shares these reminders to help you stay safe this holiday.   Eyes on the Road With […]

Back to School: Sharing the Road with Kids

Back to School: Sharing the Road with Kids

It’s the time of year when more cars, more buses, and more kids are out on the roads. It is every motorist’s responsibility to help keep kids safe. Review these tips for sharing the road. School Buses Children are unpredictable when walking from the bus. Use extra precaution around busses and stop far enough away […]

6 Little Ways To Save Money with Your Car Every Day

1. Keep Up with Recommended Maintenance Read the owner’s manual, if it suggests replacing the timing belt every 35,000 miles, and it has gone 50,000 without replacement, you may want to consider a replacement before it becomes an issue. Keeping up with recommended maintenance is the best way to avoid potentially larger repair bills in […]

Avoid Road Rage: Tips to Remaining Calm

Avoid Road Rage: Tips to Remaining Calm

You’ve probably been there before. Traffic is moving smoothly when suddenly, brake lights up ahead. As all four lanes begin to slow there’s that one car, weaving in and out of lanes, cutting off drivers for a better position. It may be easy to become aggravated, but instead of contributing to the chaos, follow these tips to remain calm […]

Top 10 Stress-Free Road Trip Ideas

Top 10 Stress-Free Road Trip Ideas

Every year, millions of people jump into the car and trade the monotony of their daily routine for the excitement of the open road. Unfortunately, unpredictable events can cause a fun vacation to go very wrong. When it comes to road trips, a little planning can go a long way. By anticipating problems that you may encounter and […]

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