Top 10 Stress-Free Road Trip Ideas

Top 10 Stress-Free Road Trip Ideas

Every year, millions of people jump into the car and trade the monotony of their daily routine for the excitement of the open road. Unfortunately, unpredictable events can cause a fun vacation to go very wrong. When it comes to road trips, a little planning can go a long way. By anticipating problems that you may encounter and […]

Car cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

Now that spring is here, it’s time to wipe away the grime and make your car look like new!

Clear Out the Trash
Start by clearing out all the garbage in the vehicle. Be sure to look under the seats and in the trunk.

Vacuum the Inside
Start with the seats and work your way down towards the floor when vacuuming. Make sure to vacuum under all the floor mats.

Five Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Before you head out on a long road trip this summer, consider having these car parts replaced to improve your vehicles fuel efficiency. Mass air flow sensor: If dirty, it sends inaccurate information about the air flow entering the engine, affecting fuel efficiency. Oxygen sensor: Monitors the exhaust flow which adjusts the fuel injection level. […]

Sun Hazards in Your Car

When thinking about sun exposure, you might envision yourself on the beach or exercising outdoors. But millions of Americans receive a large portion of their sun exposure when they don’t even realize it — in their cars. For years, dermatologists have observed that patients in the US often have more sun damage on the left […]

Is Talking on a Cell Phone While Driving Safer than Texting?

Most people recognize the dangers of texting while driving, including the 44 states which have banned the activity for all drivers. However, only 14 states ban talking on a hand held device while driving. The National Safety Council (NSC) says talking on the phone is no less of a distraction than texting. Driving and cell […]

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