A History of Excellence

ABRA Auto Body & Glass has made its name on being Right the First Time, On Time® for more than 30 years. Built on a philosophy of operational excellence, fueled by its mission to be the best auto body repair company in America, and rooted in values of honesty, integrity, and respect, we have become one of the leading national vehicle repair operators.

We work tirelessly to bring the best possible service to our customers and business partners, offering new programs and more efficient processes every year, all while holding true to our company values. You can trust ABRA Auto Body & Glass to be there when you need us most.

ABRA's Timeline

ABRA Founded

ABRA First Fridley location

Co-founded by Roland D. Benjamin in 1984, ABRA was originally an acronym for Auto Body Refinishers of America. Located in Fridley, Minnesota, the facility featured modern high-tech equipment, a highly trained staff, and a clean, customer-friendly environment.

First ABRA Franchise


Three years later, in 1987, ABRA started its franchise program with the opening of the Eagan, MN location. The franchise program now includes over 50 independently-owned repair centers across the country.

ABRA Introduces Glass

ABRA Adds Auto Glass to its services in 1989

With a large portion of today’s vehicle structure being glass, ABRA Auto Body began adding certified glass installers to its collision repair centers and became ABRA Auto Body & Glass in 1989.  Today, our services include full service mobile glass replacement and windshield chip repair.

ABRA Adds Paintless Dent Removal to its Services

Paintless Dent Removal was added in 1992

By 1992, ABRA continued to add auto body repair services. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) offers consumers a viable alternative for low-cost repairs involving dings or dents commonly known as “parking lot rash.”

24 Hour Call Center Opens

National Contact Center Added

ABRA began operating an in-house 24/7 Contact Center in 2000. A single toll-free number (1.888.USA.ABRA) allows customers to schedule an appointment at any ABRA repair center and arrange for a tow and/or transportation assistance.

ABRA Adopts Op-Ex Philosophy

Operational Excellence Starts at ABRA

In 2007, the Operational Excellence journey began at ABRA.  The implementation of state-of-the-art information systems, a process playbook, and a total commitment from the entire ABRA team results in industry leading metrics.

ABRA Embarks on Accelerated Growth Plan

ABRA's Footprint in 2011

Building upon its well-established reputation, ABRA took advantage of multiple opportunities to grow. ABRA opens multiple body shops across the nation, solidifying its position as a national leader in vehicle repair.

ABRA Introduces Repair Share

repair share communication enhancement repair status

ABRA introduces its Repair Share™ program: a communication enhancement tool that keeps customers informed on the status of their vehicle repair via text message and email. Repair Share™ puts customers at ease because all of their questions or concerns can be addressed immediately.

ABRA Adds Aluminum Repair Services

aluminum vehicle repair services

As auto manufacturers began to include aluminum in vehicle construction, ABRA created dedicated Aluminum Repair Centers in each market to continue leading the industry in collision repair.  ABRA plans to continue to increase the number of Aluminum Repair Centers around the country.

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